Alif Cepmek who is going viral on tiktok with his Cepak Mekar hairstyle

Alif Cepmek or commonly called Dilan Kw is finally going viral on TikTok thanks to some content that parodies him like Dilan, finally Alif Cepmek is in the public spotlight and has been invited to several television shows, Alif Cepmek, which means Cepak blooms, has finally become a new lord in the world of TikTok. 

After he went viral on TikTok and was finally reposted by several major media accounts in Indonesia, he was still humble and also continued to use his distinctive accent like a drunk dilan, well that's what it was like, Dilan if he saw himself parodied by Alif would be disappointed, especially the dilan fans out there who saw their idol change shape like today, not more glowing but more disfigured 

Alif Cepmek is indeed a new person on Tiktok and is viral for following some of the styles played by Iqbal, Alif parodied by saying you ask? You ask questions? thanks to these words he went viral "You ask? what is my hairstyle? let me tell you yea, my hairstyle is Cepmek, Cepak blooms welly you sometimes you sometimes you Rawwr, "thanks to this piece of video about his rawr hairstyle, it finally boomed and exploded throughout the universe like it could not be blocked anymore. 

He is increasingly viral thanks to his hairstyle, namely Cepmek, Cepak blooming well Raaawrr, after the video was viral and booming, finally many used the sound and many also asked, you ask? You asked Raawr, he was viral and booming on TikTok. 

thanks to the video, Alif Cepmek was finally flooded with endorsements and also promotions from several parties, many liked the action and also the video which succeeded in making other people laugh out loud, many made the video a watsap story to the point of following his style, after going viral on tiktok, many people asked and answered, you ask?

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