Ciristiano Ronaldo is still the best player in the world

Who does not know the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo The player from Portugal is indeed very cool and handsome because he is not easy anymore, as a father of 5 children from his wife, indeed Cristiano Ronaldo is very trusted in the field, many think that he is a Muslim but not, because he turns out to be a Christian, as a Christian player, indeed Cristiano is very agile and the center of attention on the field, Cristiano himself is someone who is ambitious by winning several Ballon D'or thanks to his work on the field.

Cr7 or ciro does have a lot of fans outside the field whether from guys or girls, because he is very famous even his Instagram account touches 500 million more followers, wow horrified isn't it, because he can beat the figure of a singer who has a lot of followers, besides that Ciro also has some cool cars and also a luxury house there, as one of the famous soccer players, it is certain that his salary is also large as a soccer player, besides that mamang ciro also has a beautiful wife and got acquainted in a shop where she might ask for a photo to ciro, 

Ciro does have a career in football which is said to be very glorious, because he has won several awards and also his name is very famous, don't know why as a soccer player there are so many who like him, maybe because of several things that are factors, one of which is his agility when he is on the field, as a soccer star does have a plus point because it will certainly be better known by others, as one of the famous soccer players, indeed mamang Ciro debestlah 

After that Cr7 is not a player who can be considered ecek ecek how not he is able to get some fantastic awards from here, Ciro can become famous, if Ciro retires or stops there will be many who want him back to play on the field, that's Ciro manteman 

There are those who say that Cr7 has an adopted child who is in Aceh, Ciro raised the child at the time of the earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Aceh, at the time of the earthquake and tsunami, indeed Ciro still considers the child to be his biological child because his adopted child was sent to school in Portugal, how interesting is not it? 

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