Football according to Islam

football is not a new sport in the world and also in Indonesia, because indeed the ball is one of the most famous sports in Indonesia, such as some famous football players with some hairstyles that are very familiar and managed to become a trend hairstyle in Indonesia, call it David Beckham, Beckham is one of the footballers who is very successful how not, because it is very visible how rich and full lifestyles with luxury.

as football is indeed one of the prima donna professions for young men who are still in school, because if your career can be good at football let alone your name will be known treasure will come by itself, some say work hard until you sweat, because your tired will be an extraordinary result, a lot of football players are very famous and his name is equivalent to a singer meman we know, football players are not singers who only capitalize on sound and are already famous, not that easy ferguso, because no matter how good and as straight as you step there will definitely be stumbling blocks that want to see you fall, this is life more and more who do not like you, surely God will raise your degree one caste higher. 

being a soccer player, especially one who is very famous, so famous like everyone knows him, don't even different islands, different continents can know it, call it David Beckham, well indeed he is not an artist like a movie player or a singer but he is certainly almost anywhere in the world knows it, that's David Beckham who is famous for his eccentric hairstyle, which gives his hair like a punk kid. 

and there are many more football players whose figures and names are familiar to the ears and eyes of football lovers, especially now that there are several new idols who are ready to break the hearts of the women out there, call it lionel messi or better known by the name messi, like many boys who idolize him and there is neymar who is one of the idols for teenagers who love football. 

of the many footballers there are cooler and cleaner and there are actually darker and indeed also more great at being football, but this one figure is a new idol for football lovers, well that's right, Ronaldo with his long name is cristiano ronaldo, who is famous for his greedy and arrogant nature but he is able to give a beautiful touch on the field himself like more and more who hate him, increasingly encouraging him with his initials of pride, namely cr7, he is more valuable than the figure of a new singer absent in the cafe, because indeed Ronaldo is arguably a star in football who is very successful and very rich. 

his wealth that cannot be counted anymore because of his hard work that drops sweat all over the body and becomes his figure as it is now not as easy as it looks because his work is sweaty and tired the more tired the more it makes him excited from the results of his hard work on the field that makes him outside the field like unstoppable, how good it is to be him because it's like going anywhere and anytime outside like all humans and the universe know and welcome him his name is higher than a singer and if he becomes a singer it means he is like a phenomenal legend. 

a lot of very famous football players like every time he wants to go anywhere must know him, and there is also Neymar who comes from Brazil even though his body is like that and until now he has not been seen holding a baby, again imagine being one of the most famous footballers and almost everyone knows who he is, if we want to see footballers again outside the field and again gather with family like his life is full of luxury and very glamorous for sure 

Then what is the view of a great scholar such as a sheikh and others see the football, for the scholars to be a football player the point is not to sin outside the field and do not smoke because it is a football player abstinence is cigarettes, as a footballer is there any prohibition from the high scholars who embrace Islam, In Islamic law, it means that from a religious point of view, football is like a legitimate thing, because there is nothing wrong with it as long as it does not defame religion, "because actually in Islamic law there is a hadith that says that you should not take care of other people's lives if it is not your business", meaning that as long as he lives and does not bother other people, it means that it is valid. 

But many connect football is very attached to the name gambling or arguably looking for ways to get rich quickly by lazily sleeping on the bed and hoping to get rich quickly, well for things related to betting and like that it is very heavy because it is related to the name of the 3 main things drunk gambling and playing women, why is that because that is a problem. 

but not all football players are like that, there are those who look good but turn out to be eating inside or sangean or itchy, usually for football in the Islamic view there is nothing wrong as long as the referee and the match that runs has followed the running procedures, well his name is also life because life does have its own dilemmas, in the Islamic view sports are okay and there is nothing wrong, because they work very hard like a coolie and surely there are no fat and lazy football players. 

and can be a healthy and good lifestyle, football from any point of view there is nothing wrong because it can indeed be a strong foundation for people to live a healthy life not to mention healthy life is super duper healthy, well that's football according to Islam, where whoever works hard will definitely produce something great, as the most anti football player who is lazy and certainly healthy. 

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