The calculator girl who went viral because saman brembo joined bigetron, she is Citra

Recently it went viral again where the figure of Citra, a beautiful girl with a calculator, joined the Bigetron Esports team or known as BTR, Citra, who is still in school, suddenly went viral and boomed on Instagram, she who previously had an Ig account with only 23k followers finally rose to 135k, she went viral because she followed the trend of hitting gallons or drinking bottles, after going viral, Citra became even more booming, because it was reposted by several accounts on Instagram and also of course TikTok, indeed in this trend it was not only her who went up but a lot and indeed if you look at her the sweetest of the rest

Initially, this trend first went viral on Instagram through its reels page, don't know how it went viral but the trend of the bottleairchallenge aka Saman Brembo finally exploded and boomed, from this viral video it does look just joking and also the video focuses on hitting gallons or water bottles, but there is a part that is also an attraction, namely girls holding calculators, if we see a lot of girls holding these calculators and also still in school. 

from the many videos with the trending hastag "Saman Brembo, many girls with a sweet smile and also have a stunning attraction that has a beautiful face, from the many girls wearing scout clothes, there is one figure who does look very sweet, that's right she is a sweet girl who plays her tongue while holding a cellphone and sticking out her tongue. 

finally after some time viral and booming especially on Instagram, this beautiful woman who is still in high school was recruited by the esports team, what team recruited citra to join, the team is bigetron or better known as BTR, this Esports team finally recruited her earlier on November 9 and officially joined BTR. 

many parties are surprised, especially pubg Mobile players who really idolize pubg mobile games and the mainstay team from indo, namely Btr, which always enters international tournaments, for Pubg Mobile players must be familiar with this Esports team, because indeed this Esports Club is still the best team in Indonesia, especially the Pubg Mobile game, in this team also has a famous player, namely the Twins, the UXXY Brothers, there are Zuxxy and Luxxy, which is an attraction for this team. 

after officially joining this team, will citra also play one of the games and become a player in BTR or just become a brand ambassador to support this team that has famous players? 

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